Bravo Steve and thanks to Professor Kotlikoff for highlighting the challenges we face with Social Security funding -- and more importantly, for then going the extra mile and offering a detailed SOLUTION.....that is actuarially sound and pro-market, pro-growth, pro-wealth accumulation.

You are the only candidate now, and will be the only candidate for the next 21 months leading up to November 5, 2024, who will honestly address this KNOWN tidal wave now a few miles offshore and heading right toward us. Keep going!

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Feb 25, 2023·edited Feb 25, 2023

I agree with this 100% Mr. Laffey. Bravo for taking on the "unspeakable [Ponzi scheme] issues" that continue to get swept under the rug. The 'kick the can down the road' attitude of lawmakers that has unfairly saddled the young with the older generations' debt burdens must be fixed right now while there are just a few dozen months left to do it (literally). Please continue to really explain, in layperson's ("kitchen table") terms this Purple Plan, so that the average American can really understand how these comprehensive structural changes will save us from the incoming tsunami, and how it is fair, moral and needed right now. Keep the fight up! I appreciate your candidacy and hope you win so the young can have their future's restored. I just noticed these facts, on your stevelaffey.com site ('Issues') that make the idea of the Purple Plan more concrete and understandable:

The PSS System

a. Is Fully funded

b. Is Progressive

c. Is Fair to non-working or lower-earning spouses

d. Provides all participants the same annual returns on their PSS balances

e. Is run by a single laptop -- no commissions/fees/spreads to Wall Street

d. Provides inflation-protected benefits that continue as long as you live

f. Is a modern version of Social Security

g. Maintains current disability system

h. Will include real annuities paid to survivors of deceased workers.

i. Phases out our outrageously complex and insolvent -- $62 trillion in the red -- current Social Security system. -- Right On!

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