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This seems to be fairly easy to understand. There is a direct correlation between the supply of money and the rate of inflation. The money supply has grown dramatically in the last several years, especially in the last 3 years, when the PPE (Monopoly) money was distributed to individuals and states. Simple economics (supply vs. demand) will tell you that more dollars chasing the same amount of goods (or perhaps a more scarce amount of goods) will automatically cause the value of these goods and services to rise, and will trigger inflation - Adam Smith doesn't lie.

This is a real threat to America - financial solvency; without it, the economy will collapse. The only solution to ending the negative effects of inflation is to reign in the Federal Reserve, establish market interest rates, and decrease the money supply to a level that realistically reflects the real value of goods and services. The only way this will happen is if there is real Presidential leadership.

It appears that Steve Laffey is the only candidate that understands this concept and who is willing to alert Americans to the looming financial threat, and who is willing initiate the changes necessary to bring America back from the brink of financial collapse.

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People these days don't all seem to realize that INFLATION kills your American Dream, and your retirement plans. If your $1500 Social Security check that used to pay your housing costs is trying to pay for $3000 housing costs, from the cumulative effects of inflation, then you get to be that unhappy 75 year old Walmart greeter. Economists tell us that inflation is caused by there being too much money in circulation. We, as a country have been printing money and spending it like a sailor on shore leave as of late, mostly in response to a virus, in the trillions of dollars. However, there are also structural all-the-time problems of overspending that are currently intractable, and that need to be fixed once and for all -- while there are still a few dozen months left of the POSSIBILITY of the American Dream left, and to also ensure that the U.S .keeps its threadbare world hegemony that has been allowing us to provide security services for the free world (our capable, omnipresent military I am referring to). We need to protect the younger generations' ability to retire with enough means to not experience poverty. These are the GENUINELY REAL ISSUES facing us. Steve Laffey is the one person who is WILLING to fix this, painful as that may be in the short term. We need to do this!

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