Like the rest of the average guys on the street I don’t understand precisely how these things work. What I do do is vote for the men and women that seem competent and then trust that they will do the right thing. I guess that’s a bad idea. The people appointed to do these important jobs, like manage the money supply and regulate banking (so places like SVB and others don’t default) can’t be doing a good job since SVB and other banks have gone under and inflation is still killing me.

In any other setting poor performance would result in heads rolling. Why don’t the President and Congress doing something to fix this?

We need someone who understands what’s going on, and who has the will and knowledge to fix this mess. Steve Laffey is that person. He must be on the debate stage so the country can see and hear the truth first hand and make the hard decisions that will fix America.

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May 30, 2023Liked by Steve Laffey

Unless you're one of many people who have their heads stuck in the sand, you can't help but be highly concerned about the status of the fiat currency (US dollar), the Fed, the banking system, etc. Quite simply we are printing and spending more and more dollars. This causes inflation and the value of the dollar to go down. Even Commie China no longer wants our dollars. We are a debtor nation. Folks, you cannot spend what you don't have for very long without having to pay the piper. Are we waiting for the collapse of the dollar as it heads towards being valueless and useless? If the dollar collapses, so will the country.

Steve "The Sledge Hammer" Laffey understands the mechanics of finance and money. He can stop the madness.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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May 30, 2023·edited May 30, 2023Liked by Steve Laffey

Mind your Ps and Qs and definitely know what your Vs are doing. Know what I'm sayin' ? Me neither. So our economy is still too hot — people are buying with wild abandon even with inflated prices. A contracted money supply and significantly higher interest rates don't seem to have the intended effect of cooling down economic activity ('demand') so that prices can come back down to earth, effectively boosting our individual wealth or buying power. I think that this may be one of the many things that Steve Laffey is saying. And it is my understanding that the two main tools available to the Federal Reserve are setting the interest rates and controlling the money supply. So, I genuinely don't know what it is they are supposed to be doing now that they've used both tools and it still isn't quite working. Does this mean that we are suffering a long hangover from the effects of years of artificially low interest rates? Is this indicative of a lack of belief of consumers that prices will ever come down, so they might as well buy stuff now? I have no idea. I got college credit for drawing naked people (ya know, as a fine art major). Sure, I took an ECON class and used to even be a BIZ MAJOR for a brief period of time, but I don't quite get how this all works. BUT, presidential candidate Steve Laffey DOES! He knows how to mind his Ps, his Qs, his velocities of money, and everything else. All things finance-related he has expert knowledge of, and a steel trap of a mind for these charts and how the elements interplay. America is bankrupt and we need a financial expert in the White House. Let's vote him onto that debate stage to see that he knows what needs fixing and precisely how to do it. STEVE LAFFEY 2024! The man on a mission to Fix America. He turned around my hometown city that was bankrupt, now I want him to do the same for our great country that is America. stevelaffey.com/about fixingamericamovie.com

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