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Mar 11, 2023·edited Mar 11, 2023

I don't think people realize that we are on THE VERY EDGE OF A CLIFF, ready to * smack !* down into becoming a failed state. The US owes so much money and is literally bankrupt, and this is why we keep on hearing about the raising of the DEBT ceiling. If the Federal Reserve does its 'quantitative easing', (printing up their "Monopoly® money"), then they just create more inflation and add to the problem.

Failed states are not pretty -- they are full of poverty, rampant [possibly permanent] unemployment, lack of access to healthcare or any social 'safety net' services, lack of security from a pared down military (-- think of how degraded Russia's military is these days from their money problems), protests in the streets, riots and violence. And remember, America has a third of a billion guns, so a pissed off American citizenry can create some SERIOUS violence.

Failed states are the places people flee FROM for a better life, for jobs and better health and safety, like Venezuelans are currently doing as they flee to neighboring Columbia. Failed states are places that are ripe for a military takeover by a stronger nation that is financially solvent. Start learning Mandarin and maybe you can get one of the less horrific jobs under your new totalitarian master.

No joke. We are heading to failed state status from being broke. It won't be pretty. But there are fixes available if we act NOW. Like Jack Welch, former CEO of GE had said, "when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging."

So Steve Laffey's plan is to first STOP DIGGING. Let's stop spending more money than we take in. Then let's fix Social Security STRUCTURALLY and PERMANENTLY so that it will be solvent forever, not for another 10 years or so, as today's politicians are talking about. This will save our young people's futures!

We need to fix America now, while we can. No hyperbole here. This is real. Research the facts for yourself and you will agree. Steve Laffey has the midas touch when it comes to matters that are financial or statistical. He just has that kind of mind and drive and the will to do what's right. Washington does not. They prefer playing the game of blaming each other on every issue to score points with their base of voters or to appease the large donors influencing their 'negotiation positions'.

The man who used to be a campaign advisor to George W. Bush and to John McCain (political advisor Steve Schmidt) has correctly pointed out that America needs a person who is not part of the Washington establishment, but instead an honest person of integrity who is willing to look at things with a clear eye and fix them. I am paraphrasing here, but when I saw him speak, I felt he was precisely describing Steve Laffey, even though he currently may not even know Steve Laffey.

Steve Laffey moved back to his hometown city that was bankrupt and he turned it around in 3 years to everyone's shock and amazement. It was poised to become the next Detroit, but now it's one the best cities in America in which to live. He reduced borrowing costs. He analyzed where and how money was being spent and cut out waste, and then restructured what needed to be restructured for the city to become and remain solvent.

By the time he left office the city had a small surplus, was upgraded from junk bond status to investment grade (with the highest bond rating upgrade in all of US history!), and people's property taxes were coming back to decent levels. He saved his city and feels obligated to do the same for our country because he can see what is about to happen.

He doesn't need the job. It's not a vanity project. He is a happy rancher and family man who sees that no one else is going to act like an average American and just solve what needs solving.

If we put a dozen Americans in a room together they could solve most of congress's intractable problems in 3 hours per major issue, because, despite what the "incitement to anger" news media of today would have you think (CNN/FOX/etc.), average Americans are in more agreement than disagreement, and can work together when the elite special interests aren't in the equation as the REAL 'wrench in the gears'.

Steve Laffey uttered this sentiment in his movie 'Fixing America', and I recently saw a YouTube video where that same political advisor to George W. Bush and John McCain said the SAME THING in a PBS interview.

Send an honest man to Washington who WANTS to fix America. A capable man. A person with relevant real world experience fixing intractable government problems for the benefit of the people's long term futures.

At the least, get to KNOW Steve Laffey. If you spend enough time on his website (stevelaffey.com) or watch his prescient movie (fixingamericamovie.com) I believe you will see that 1) we Americans have a problem; 2) it needs fixing NOW; 3)Steve Laffey is the person who has the background skills and discipline, the formidable WILL, and the genuine TRACK RECORD of already having done something a whole lot like this, more than once.

Check him out. Let's fix America now, before she's just another 'Rise and Fall of' empire talked about in the history books.

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