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Steve Laffey is the adult in the room. He thinks about your future and your children's future and how to provide for it. In a way that is sustainable over time (- not all these Band-Aid® fixes we're always seeing). He wants the opportunity to fix America's "800 pound gorilla in the room" type problems, such as the fact that Social Security is broke and not set up to continue, and the fact that this country has the major security (financial, military, etc.) issue also caused by being broke (-- can you say "debt ceiling"?). Consider learning more about this candidate for president, who has turned around seemingly intractable, will-to-do-the-right-thing type problems. They may look like financial problems and definitely require someone who is an expert in this area, but, ultimately, these are problems of having the WILL to fix what needs fixing, and the DISCIPLINED FOCUS to do so. Steve has a track record of doing just this. When he saw that the hometown city he had grown up in (that used to be a top tier place to live and raise a family) was poised to go the way of Detroit and Flint, Michigan, (but not because of industry leaving America for cheap labor overseas, but because of corrupt 'deals') he moved back home, ran for mayor, won the election, and actually FIXED the city's impending catastrophe. His actions changed the city's verge-of-bankruptcy JUNK BOND status to an 8 tier bond rating boost of INVESTMENT GRADE. This turnaround was so incredibly fast and thorough, that S&P remarked "...this guy knows what he's doing..." This magnitude of turnaround, from bankruptcy to surplus, accomplished in just 3 1/2 years! is still unprecedented in ALL OF U.S. HISTORY. Steve is a genuine financial expert. He knows how money works. He knows how government and its obligations and overpromising works. He definitely knows how the economy and banking works. He can sniff out corruption and unethical "sweetheart deals" in an instant. America currently has so many obligations of this sort. Its congress is 'bought and sold' by very large corporations and globalists seeking to control every aspect of our lives, to our detriment. This moral turpitude can't stand. Let Steve shine the light on the issues and work to fix them. His instinct is to protect the average hard working American trying to just get by, or who is working on his or her American Dream. Learn more about Steve and why he is uniquely positioned to be the one person who genuinely CAN save America (and not just use that as a campaign slogan, as another well known candidate is doing). Check him out and see his commitment to keeping America the wonderful place it's always been. Then, spread the word. The one thing he needs right now, is to be part of the national conversation -- the proverbial 'national name recognition' thing. He is currently meeting and greeting as many voters as possible in New Hampshire, telling his story and communicating his vision of How to Fix America. Get to know this man of great integrity who has the moral fortitude to do the right thing. He's just what we need now. stevelaffey.com fixingamericamovie.com

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