Convert all loans into student loans and when the kids graduate, demand the federal government cancel all student debt for the good of the country. Done! Sure it’ll incentivize schools to jack up tuition even more egregiously than they have for the past 50 years but if the government pays off the loans, then it won’t matter how high tuition goes. It’s all free!!! That’s how it works! Mr. Biden has it right. Yey Joe - Way to stick it to the Supreme Court! Can’t wait to send my kid to the most expensive school in the country for free! Y’all don’t mind chipping in your fair share to pay off that debt, right?

…and the ruination of the nation continues.

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Jul 15, 2023·edited Jul 15, 2023

President Laffey will start a NEW "PPP" Program: PREVENT the PREDATORY Lending that lands your family into the POORHOUSE! Save and Restore the Middle Class — Steve Laffey has the common sense plans to do it — he' sthe only one of either party who has the sense to disallow predatory lending by encouraging families to go to schools they can afford; if this sounds like common sense — well, it IS! Common sense is the LEAST COMMON OF ALL in Washington these days. Put an honest man on the debate stage (by donating something, if you can) and then we can hear some 'kitchen table talk' FINALLY on the national debate stage! We need this! STEVE LAFFEY 2024! stevelaffey.com/about

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