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As the great Thomas Sowell has stated many times, "There are no solutions, only trade-offs." This is the sober-minded message we need to hear now as America has run out of options. But there is a way out — through making the necessary tradeoffs to protect our future, particularly the futures of young people. And, in the case of Saving Social Security, adopting the modernized retooling of the program, has nearly no downside — just glorious, compound interest and bright futures for our young people. The plan is vetted by (designed by, really) world renown Social Security expert, Laurence Kotlikoff, and it even retires a sizable portion of America's unfunded debt liabilities, helping with the Gorilla in the Room — our crippling National Debt. We still need Steve Laffey's or a clone of Steve Laffey's leadership to choose the appropriate, have-to-be-done tradeoff actions NOW, so that there will be an America as we knew her. Spread the word of Steve Laffey's ideas for FIXING AMERICA. stevelaffey.com

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"Come on, folks. Wake up".-- S. Laffey. If Chicken Little said the sky is falling, a few would look up. When they looked up and everything looked fine, they would say that the chicken is a tin hat conspiracy theorist. Unfortunately, other than (FED/USGov) inflation, everything appears fine. When will they wake up? When everything come crashing down on them. Too late, folks. The government is ultra broke. Social Security will be done for in a few years. The US dollar is losing its claim as the world's currency (nobody wants it). The Constitution and Bill of Rights have been trashed by the left-wing Commies (demorats). Our government is being run by the Deep Swamp. The central bankers want all of our money and possessions. And, the final straw, our military, under direction of the rich elitist cabal, is committing genocide using bioweapons called vaccines.

There is a very small window before the United States is done for. This is the final call for people to wake up.

Steve Laffey is no longer running for president, but his solutions are still valid. Please spread the word before the sky falls.

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Of interest to those readers concerned with the financial conditions in the US:

Red flags are everywhere for an upcoming recession. Read this Substack from John Rubino--


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