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It is very unfortunate that raising children today is so challenging from this bombardment of social media and from their being exposed to things that, in my view, they shouldn't even know about until they are older. One distraction after another. One "internet famous" person (using filters or other artifice) to compare themselves unfavorably to, multiplying that whole teenage angst thing. Yes, let's get back to the basics, and clear a space for children to be able to: 1st, BE a child, and 2nd, be protected from all the modern distractions, many of which are not particularly wholesome or anything that will benefit them in life. As arcane as it may sound to many people, seemingly abstract things such as money supply and interest rates from our Federal Reserve actually have a hand in creating these challenges. I look forward to your longer form explanations where you connect these dots for us everyday Americans. Thank you for caring about this country and its people. I loved your movie 'Fixing America' and I like how, on your website, stevelaffey.com I can really get a sense of your ideals, your honesty, and your Mr. Fix It accomplishments that are very directly relevant to today's pressing problems. I also like how you steer away from the typical party politics bashing that so many do. You focus on the causes of America's problems and your FIXES! Thank you!

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