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What is the purpose of the Fed? It is not a branch of the US government. It is not mentioned in the US Constitution. Why do we need an non-government, outside agency to print our money? Isn't that the job of the Treasury? Should the Fed be allowed to continue to run the financial business (lending, budget, stock markets, etc.) of our country? Does the Fed cause inflation by their mishandling of our money? Does everybody realize that the Fed is part of global cartel of filthy rich bankers under the direction and control of the BIS? We the people need to wake up.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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Harmony, RI — I've heard of that place!

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My prayer for our country is that the people awaken to what is happening. How the Government-at-large is severely broken and is out of control. We the people are being taxed publicly and subliminally, and our representatives in Washington are not doing their “freakin job.” Steve Laffey is telling it like it is. When he becomes POTUS he will make things right! “LET’S GOOOOOO!”

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