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Another Fox "debate" down the tubes. What did the candidates "debate"? It was an uncontrolled shouting match among "Republicans" bad-mouthing other "Republicans". Where was the serious discussion of policy, cures for an ailing America? What a wasted opportunity. And, where was the no. one polling candidate? He was busy cozying up with union workers.

Kudos to Steve Laffey for talking about the country's problems. Congratulations to Steve Laffey for offering common sense solutions. Is anybody out there listening? If you not listening, you might as well just vote for the senile puppet already in the White House.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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Great interview from beginning to end. Re: The debate last night was another FOX style newsertainment circus. Near the end they even asked all participants to write down who they would “kick off the island” or in other words, who they thought should not be in the debate forum. To his credit Ron DeSantis said no, this is supposed to be a “presidential” debate.

No one even got close to addressing the $33 Trillion debt during the opening segment on the economy, and there was no mention of the $63 Trillion unfunded SS pool.

Laffey is the only candidate talking openly and plainly about these things, and must continue to get the word out. Praying for Steve and his family to keep pushing, and for a huge breakthrough. “Let’s Gooooooo!”

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"Donald Duck !" said PORKY PIG! on one the nonsense INFOTAINMENT STATIONS that avoid talking about America's underlying problems, or how to genuinely fix them. America has REAL problems and needs people who know WHAT THEY ARE, and HOW TO SOLVE THEM. Presidential candidate Steve Laffey is one person I know who fits this description. He turned around a broke city and will apply this same No Nonsense approach to FIXING AMERICA — fixing Social Security so the young have a solid, lucrative future; dealing effectively with our National Debt that is destroying our country; and reigning in Inflation from overspending and "money"-printing — so folks can go from poverty to the Middle Class; and strengthening us as a nation on the World Stage, in the process. (We do live in precarious times where the World Leader-Wanna-Bes are close to being that — but they are authoritarian, individual freedom-hating totalitarian nations). Let's GET REAL with Steve Laffey. Check him out and you'll see that he is the person for the job — and the person who will staff his administration with genuine experts, who will FIX THINGS! Here are the links to Mr. FIXING AMERICA's sites: stevelaffey.com/about fixingamericamovie.com (We NEED a genuine BREAK OUT CANDIDATE!)

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