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Dec 6, 2023Liked by Steve Laffey

This is so funny. Oh, yes, the "experts." Experts like Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx will lead you to hell. Is year end giving when the financial "expert" has made no money for you, so he wants to ease your pain with a tax write-off? I love the stock recommendations for hot stocks. Buy near the top, then watch the price tank. I must admit, it took me too long to see how the game is played. Now, with investing and just about everything else, verify first, then trust.

Is it any wonder that this country is in such poor shape? The American people are so easily fooled. We don't have the energy to research or the intelligence to question. We are sheep being led to slaughter.

This is the last chance we will have to save the country from disaster and ourselves from slavery. What are you going to do? The "smart" phone and the "boob tube" need to be shut off. Focus, commit, act.

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