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Is that SONNY on the left?!!

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BIG FOOD MEN discussing Big Loans that are destroying the Middle Class? Well, these loans need to be discussed. Steve Laffey will get us back on track by seeing to it that our country lives within its means, and by seeing to it that families are able to do so as well, by taking another look at Lending Policies and Limited Purpose Banking, too. No more 'encouraging Debt Burdens' for our country or its people! Get to know Steve Laffey for President, and see what Common Sense Solutions to intractable problems (debt/banking crises; loss of Middle Class status; relentless Inflation; Jobs Lost from being sent overseas; Social Security benefits for the young being gutted, etc.) look like. He has concrete, specific plans to FIX all of these specific issues, and more, RESTORING THE MIDDLE CLASS & SOCIAL SECURITY, ONCE AND FOR ALL! Check him out and then consider donating to get him onto the debate stage while there's time to still have a REAL DEBATE and BE INTRODUCED TO THOUGHTFULLY *FRESH* IDEAS! stevelaffey.com/about DONATE: CHANGE THE DEBATE! — with Steve Laffey as President, your Buying Power will be so great that you can enjoy a 'how many parfaits can be scarfed down in ten seconds?' contest after all of your fine meals! Now that's the kind of America I want to live in! (or you could just keep voting for the same ole same ole which is like ordering the tuna steak — pfffft! (As if !))

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