Feb 23, 2023·edited Feb 23, 2023

These long-standing structural problems need to be fixed right now, since we are on the precipice of becoming Greece (not disparaging Greece here -- saying that we ARE bankrupt, NOW.) If we were not, then we would not habitually hear of having to 'raise the debt ceiling'. Use your common sense, folks -- do other people running for president sound like they are really going to tackle this 'straight on', with passion, disciplined stick-to-it-iveness, sober judgment, compassion for people, unwavering adherence to principle, AND possessing the proof of these commitments -- with a proven track record of fixing similar problems?? No, they do not. So I support this man -- a person giving us the full, unvarnished truths we need to deal with -- not the same old "sounds good on TV" stuff that gets them elected. Bravo, Steve Laffey! Let's send this man of the PEOPLE to Washington while there's still (a very brief bit of) time to save our way of life, our standard of living, our standing in the world as a country, and our personal freedoms. BTW, I've voted for Democrats for president in every election going all the way back to Jimmy Carter -- just to show you how impressed I am with the integrity and 'man-with-a-plan'-ness of this person.

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