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Tying pay to actual performance ? — what a refreshing idea that should be obvious, but, alas, not so much in certain business circles (or with the unions either, for that matter). With Steve Laffey as president, we get real world business acumen and hard-working-guy-next-door honest values. Don't you want to hear this kind of voice on a debate stage? I DO! stevelaffey.com/media

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Personal autonomy, as a personal lifestyle or worldview, leads to selfishness, greed, self serving behavior, even outright greed and avarice. PA says, “I am the most important person I know and I will do what ever I want to get what I want, and I really don’t care about anyone else but myself!” This is the reason some CEOs (and others like them… Putin, Rocketman, Xi, many radical progressive elites in the USA and the west, etc.) do what they do to the companies that pay them or the countries they “lead”.

These people don’t earn; they take. Unfortunately this worldview and business model works, at least for a while. Eventually companies and countries go broke and these evil people move to Texas or Wisconsin, while their workers and sub contractors are left to fend for themselves and try to collect what they are owed from the courts and other creditors.

If Steve Laffey is President he will fix our broken financial system, hold people in power accountable, get the budget balanced (a painful enterprise), remake Social Security, and get us back to an even keel. Without his strong leadership and corrective vision for America things will continue to slowly but surely deteriorate for the middle class.

We need a new voice for the middle class, and Laffey is that voice. Why isn’t he on the debate stage? Who is keeping this voice for morality, reason and sound fiscal policies; policies that fix what is broken, off the stage at The Reagan Library this Wednesday, September 27th?

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