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The Common Sense is refreshing. Presidential candidate Steve Laffey wants us to run America the way a sensible person would run their own household. I think we can agree that they "ain't doin' that" in Washington, and haven't for a long time. America needs REAL leadership now, since we've run out of money, and options for the future. But Steve can and will FIX this, being a more-than-competent SERIAL FIXER. See for yourself, that this man is the real deal — a relatable 'Everyman' who also happens to be a Harvard business graduate, small rancher and person who decided one day to save his bankrupt home town, so he ran for and became its mayor — even though he was in the non-favored party. But he turned around a medium sized city that had also run out of time, having overpromised and overspent — the all-too-familiar 'government malfeasance' shtick. Steve turned the city around from junk bond, verge-of-bankruptcy status to a well-oiled machine-of-a-city, with a city worker pension that grew assets by 500%, and a bond rating upgrade of 8 grades. 3 grades is impressive. 4 grades is nearly 'unheard of'. 8 grades is HISTORICAL. It had never been done in America's history ( — any city — ) and likely never will be again. So, if you fancy turning America around — getting us back on firm footing, then, by all means, consider supporting and voting for Steve Laffey. Get to know this remarkable person at stevelaffey.com/about We don't need career politicians right now because we have real problems to solve. Steve will Restore the Middle Class and Save and massively improve Social Security, (increasing young people's benefits by hundreds of percent!) He will bring sanity and common sense back for families trying to pay for college tuition, keeping older folks from slipping into poverty. He will UNITE young and old with his bold, well-thought-out, years-in-the-making plans! stevelaffey.com/about

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