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What a beautiful sign and wholesome supporter of an honest man who *needs* to go to Washington to FIX what needs FIXING. He is MR. FIX AMERICA! He's got my vote! Let's stop pretending that public schools are fixable. Just a bunch of excuses, decade after decade. Pffft! Let parents decide. They have so many better choices. We can't afford to have a bunch of World Class Dummies in this country -- it's a globally competitive world out there folks! Charter, Catholic and other schools are out-achieving our lackluster public schools by orders of magnitude. Steve Laffey has been telling us this for many years. I am finally *completely* receptive to this message. Because I see that he was right. He's no dum-dum. And, speaking of really stoop-it, dummy dumb dum-dums, I remain shocked when I try to get change from cashiers and they can't figure it out. Whaaaaa??? STEVE LAFFEY 2024 ! He wants your kiddos to be SHMAAAT !!! I do, too! stevelaffey.com fixingamericamovie.com Let's de-doofus-icize America NOW ! (de-doofucize? de-doofusize? -- gotta look that one up in my Funk and Wagnall's...uhhh Grammarly -- no thanks! -- get yer heads outta those cell phones -- ain't no learnin' there!) Don't be a DUMDUM, VOTE LAFFEY 2024 !

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