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He's right again. Laffey is right when he says that all this printing of money kills our ability to buy anything and everything. It's killing the middle class, and it ain't that great for the poor, either! The Fed is not our ally. They protect the interests of the very wealthy and enable congress's unpaid for programs that don't have matching revenue. The system is corrupt and the jaw dropping debt burden is piling higher all the time. The banks aren't separated from Wall Street enough. And they're too big. There are no real guardrails or a backstop in place. Dodd-Frank isn't it. Glass-Steagall isn't even on the books any more! We're on the edge of the cliff, and it's more or less, 1929!! These bailouts, of one sort or another -- one after another after another is the thing that will turn the U.S. into, finally, a failed state that cedes its global leadership to totalitarian, anti-human rights China. Give this man a serious look. Check out his website: stevelaffey.com before we go the way of Rome. He will confront these very real problems directly and persistently until they are solved (-- he has a track record of doing just this, btw!), unlike every other person in Washington. stevelaffey.com

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