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Mar 24, 2023·edited Mar 24, 2023

Presidential contender Steve Laffey, We appreciate greatly your St. Patrick's Day visit to Rhode Island and Cranston -- the city where you showed how your ideals-in-action work. You took beloved Cranston from the lowest bond rating in the US (from years of gov't mismanagement and lies) to investment grade, increasing investment-worthiness 8 notches as measured by Standard and Poor's. And the cherries on top being a surplus for the city, property taxes that were coming down again, and a 500% increase in the funding of the pensions of city workers, to make them solvent again. And all of this accomplished in just 3 and a half years. For anyone who doesn't know Steve Laffey, or what he's about, he is an accomplished dynamo who does what he says he'll do. And right now he says America, like Cranston was, is broke. The banking crisis that is once again rearing its head, (since it was never solved -- they just SAID they did) is just the tip of the iceberg of America's underlying structural problems of overspending, inflation, a lack of keeping up with the Jones's (the Jones's being China, with its growing military and economic might) with no plan to regain our strength and fix this nation. Laffey wants the younger generations to have a future. He aims to protect this future by retooling Social Security to be strong and solvent, with young people getting larger checks than they would under the present flawed system. Get to know Steve Laffey on his site: stevelaffey.com or check out his movie that shows how disaffected, disillusioned Americans know what the problems are, and just want Washington to "do their friggin' jobs". That movie is 'Fixing America', an emotional and inspiring grassroots documentary that lays bare what everyday Americans realize; the political elites of both parties have destroyed the country financially. The you-know-what is hitting the fan right NOW. We need a president who will face the untouchable, intractable issues head on, while there's still a brief bit of time left to do so. Get to know Laffey and see if you don't agree that he has real plans for Fixing America. fixingamericamovie.com stevelaffey.com

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