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May 6, 2023·edited May 6, 2023

It's not just 5 minutes long, but that means you had a chance to cover a lot of ground: the debt crisis; the Fed's role in inflation and how it really serves the banksters; the tragedy of many people's lives in Latin America and how bringing jobs back to the Americas will solve so many problems and make America much stronger and safer; the reality that congress members aren't interested in solving any of the big, consequential problems, but only want Band-Aid® "fixes" and media sound bites for the real issues that face our nation, such as Rubio's disingenuous "...shot across the bow" soundbite (where ya been, Mr. Foreign Relations Committee/Select Committee on Intelligence Man??); the way the Fed uses inflated dollars to deal with our insurmountable debt to provide cover for congress's overspending; the reality that fixing all this will involve some "what can you do for your country" type pain for a couple or 3 years or so (but then things will be back to stability and bright futures, not unlike what the Swiss did when they passed laws making debt much less than GDP, year over year); the only workable plan to fix Social Security that dovetails nicely with a broader base flat tax/consumption tax plan similar to Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan (that even liberals can get on board with, as that 100 million dollar yacht will be taxed at 9 or 10 million); the idea of a 'virtuous cycle' of sorts as relates to bringing manufacturing jobs currently in China to Central and South America -- meaning, the one job creates many, and also shores up the political stability of these nations to our South so that we have a solid Monroe Doctrine ("sphere of influence") area that is impossible to invade from Canada to the tip of Argentina; Steve Laffey has a track record of finding the best people with the most authoritative and best ideas to fix real problems and THEN rams them through relentlessly, fixing one problem at a time until the real problems are genuinely, finally SOLVED. He cares about young people getting significantly more in retirement than our current Social Security plan (that also happens to be just about bankrupt.) His Social Security fix from the mind of Laurence Kotlikoff — the world's expert on the subject, will cost 3 times LESS than Bernie Sanders's in terms of taxes and will yield, perhaps 5 times more benefits for retirees that are young people now. Get to know this family man, small rancher, financial expert (one of the top stock pickers in all of the U.S.A.), and former mayor who turned around a bankrupt city with an unfunded pension to SURPLUS in about 3 years. He has an uphill battle with all of the monied interests who want to keep the corruption in Washington just as it is, but won't you send an honest man who really does fix problems to Washington -- the place where we average Americans just want them [congress/the president/federal agencies] to "...do their frikkin' jobs!"?? Get to know presidential candidate Steve Laffey in this expansive radio interview or, to take a shortcut visit his 'About' pages on both of these sites: stevelaffey.com AND fixingamericamovie.com you'll be glad you did!

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