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Apr 26, 2023Liked by Steve Laffey

God bless you, Steve. God bless your family and their health. You have a great story. I do believe that God controls all and can do all, and that if we seek counsel through communing with God's spirit within us, we can be guided and helped to achieve great things, or sometimes learn lessons from hardships put in our path. If anyone wants to know about you, this interview may be the best, most concise way for them to really get to know you and what you are about, and to see that you are a loving family man who wants the best for people, for families, and, especially, for young people and the fragile elderly. Hopefully Americans begin to realize that you know what the underlying problems of our country are, and how to fix them. Putting your financial expertise into action will be an important part of our great nation regaining its strength and stability, and will be instrumental in guiding us back to a life where the American Dream can once again be realized.

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