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Apr 4, 2023·edited Apr 4, 2023

The value of Social Security benefits will be eroded (in real dollars) unless we have a congress that genuinely fixes the program to both ensure that your money doesn't get chewed up by inflation, and that the fund, overall, will always have money to pay benefits no matter how many people are working to pay into the fund. Currently the system only works when there are more workers than retirees. This shows us that the system isn't designed like a 401k where your money is yours, and grows in value over time; but is closer to a 'Ponzi scheme'. Under a Laffey administration, congress's half "solutions" that simply water down real benefits over time, while simultaneously creating even more inflation, effectively making you unable to pay bills when you are most vulnerable, in most need — in old age — WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. These measures will be rejected in favor of a real plan. Now, the PURPLE PLAN, devised by the world's foremost Social Security expert and retiree advocate, economist Laurence Kotlikoff (who wrote "Get What's Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security") will ensure that you have benefits that have REAL VALUE. You will, as the title of his well-known book says "GET WHAT'S YOURS"! Get to know Steve Laffey and GET WHAT'S YOURS! Career politicians and "fresh-sown moonstone" politicians (<-- thanks Bruce Springsteen) have no plans that restructure the program to be genuinely STRONG and STABLE and INFLATION PROOF — to work in a MODERNIZED way that acknowledges REALITY. In a way that acknowledges that there won't always be more workers paying into the fund than pensioners drawing from the fund. In a way that acknowledges that we are living in an era (unfortunately) when congress's spending outmatches revenues collected to pay for these programs. We see that Laffey is right about what governments do to "solve" insolvent pensions. People have been protesting in the streets of France for weeks now — people as far as you can see in every direction filling the streets because their government is raising the retirement age from 62 to 64. These kinds of curtailment of benefits and the erosion of benefits from year over year inflation ARE what governments do. But if we MODERNIZE Social Security to take into account REALITY, then we have a strong and stable system that will have money in perpetuity. It will be so because it is designed for that purpose. It is designed to grow your money — not erode its real value. Get to know Steve Laffey and his 'PENCHANT FOR FIXING PENSIONS' (as he actually DID when he was a mayor). You will see that he is THE MAN WITH A PLAN, making sure you don't have "a counterfeit dollar in your hand" (<-- thanks Stevie Wonder) — stevelaffey.comfixingamericamovie.comhttps://kotlikoff.net/

LET'S GO: LET'S FIX AMERICA NOW. She needs us to do that now. Don't make lady liberty cry — she'll rust!

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