Tie: https://www.beautiesltd.com/ Made in VT

Suit: https://hickeyfreeman.com/. New York

Shirt and Socks: https://www.gitman.com/ WA

Shoes: https://www.sasshoes.com/home/. TX

Belt: https://amishmadebelts.com/. PA?

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SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS and THE BACKGROUND TO GET IT DONE! Boom! America will forgive any public servant who is wearing undergarments of unknown origin, if they are generally BUYing AMERICAN! I certainly will. We must stop funding governments and organizations that are ruthlessly adversarial to us. China's government is taking all of that money from our cheapo purchases at Walmart and Amazon. etc., and turning it into a formidable navy that seeks to rule the oceans and shipping lanes. They are taking our hard earned money from our massive trade deficit and using it to run concentration camps on their own people. This is a country where independent thought or individual rights are verboten! The citizen exists at the pleasure of the state, rather than the government existing at the pleasure of the citizens. Let's stop burgeoning totalitarianism from this terrorist nation by BUYING AMERICAN. Or, at the very least, buying goods and services made in free countries, preferably in the Americas, preferably in the U.S. of A. TRADE DEFICITS ARE JOB KILLERS! CHINESE AGGRESSION IN THE AIR AND THE SEAS! TOTALITARIANISM MUST NOT BECOME THE NEW DOMINANT IDEOLOGY OF THE EARTH! Visit SteveLaffey.com/Communist-China or view the prescient FixingAmericaMovie.com when you have a chance.

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Made in America is, unfortunately, often more expensive. A big part of the problem is the unions. Unions drive up the cost of labor. It's time for Washington DC to stop serving the union bosses. Steve Laffey has a history of standing up to the unions.

Go Steve Laffey!

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