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Aug 5, 2023Liked by Steve Laffey

An honest man running for president who knows what needs fixing in America — Steve Laffey — focusing on our Crushing Debt and the increasing disparity between the Rich and Poor — the Great Bifurcation into Just Two Classes of Americans as *the Middle Class is Destroyed*. Laffey will FIX this. He knows Finance and he has successfully turned around government malfeasance-caused quality-of-life downgrades. He knows how to Restore the Value of The Dollars of Everyday Americans, and he is keen to be given the chance to do so. Get to know Steve Laffey and see why he is the Real Deal candidate who will Restore the Middle Class (to be a REAL MIDDLE CLA$$), who will ReVitalize and Modernize Social Security so that it has BIG RETURNS like that of a 401k (regardless of how many workers are paying into the fund), and who will get America back on track with being a solvent nation that can therefore maintain control of its own destiny. STEVE LAFFEY 2024 Check him out: stevelaffey.com/about

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