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Both the middle class and small business are the backbone of this country. Without a backbone this great Republic cannot stand. Steve Laffey is the financial network this country needs. Support Steve Laffey for president to give a rebirth to the middle class and small business.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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NOT JUST A MAYOR , IS RIGHT! This is the 'Midas Touch' Leader who improves everything he touches. He gets in. He Fixes problems that no one thought could be fixed. Then he gets out. He did this with his hometown city as its Mayor. He did this as the President of a sizable investment firm (working his way up to that position, as working class people do). Now he wants to improve (Fix, really) America as our hard-working President. Get to know Steve Laffey and his common sense solutions to America's intractable problems that are destroying the quality of your life and future. Restore the Middle Class and your Social Security checks (young people!) Donate to put the Voice of Reason (Mr. Fixing America) onto that debate stage. Let's Elevate the National Conversation to include fresh ideas and real solutions. Change the Debate! — Donate.

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Great interview. Focused on solutions not goofy/ad hominem/trash talk politics. Steve Laffey... Aim/Shoot/Hit the target. Please America. Listen to the adult in the room.


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