Nothing is stronger than the truth. When regular people hear it they know it. Laffey speaks the truth. It may be tough to hear it, and it may be hard to accept, but the truth always wins. Join Laffey and fight for the truth. It’s the only worthwhile way. “Let’s Goooooooo!”

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Jul 21, 2023Liked by Steve Laffey

Laffey hits it out of the ball park again. Learned a little about RFK, Jr. Unlike Bobby, Steve Laffey will not sign an assault weapons ban. Steve loves the Second Amendment. Check out his common sense solutions at www.SteveLaffey.com

Go Steve Laffey!!

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Jul 20, 2023Liked by Steve Laffey

GREAT show Steve!!! You are the man with a plan, the common sense candidate. I keep telling people, look at his policies!! You give us information no one else does. I love listening to your interviews. Continuing to be 100% behind you. Praying for you and your family. Go get em.

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