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It's rather dark out there, so it's good to get some light from Steve Laffey. There's another budget dance going on in the DC swamp. America is sinking in the quicksand of debt, but don't expect any rescue efforts from Congress. Don't even hold your breath on any illegal invasion relief on the southern "border". Nothing ever changes except to get worse. Why won't the American people get their heads out of their you know whats? A great recession, or worse, depression is still heading our way. After causing this crisis the banker-controlled FED is now sitting back to watch it unfold. The globalist "elites", represented by the WEF (World Enslavement Fiefdom) is waiting to swoop in for the kill. Commie China's economy is starting to collapse, with Japan after that. Germany and the EU are not far behind. The stocks are way over valued, so expect a big drop soon. Debt is unbridled. Consumers are shouldering over $1 Trillion in credit card debt, struggling to pay off their purchases from December of 2022. Inflation is still reducing the value of the dollar. And, the US is still giving goodies away to illegal immigrants. Steve, why won't the American people open their eyes, use their brains? Is this the inheritance we are leaving to the next generation?

Say good night, America, your days are numbered.

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