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America is broke. We gotta fix this now. Take a look at the one person who wants to fix this, and who knows how to fix this. He turned around his hometown city when it went broke from fiscal mismanagement ('sweetheart' deals/overspending/lying), and he can do the same for America. We are going the "way of Rome" — on the precipice of the ash heap of history. If you like totalitarian nations and malevolent authoritarian people (such as the non-sovereign World Economic Forum and the "globalists" who want to control your bank account to force your social compliance, etc.) ruling your lives, then do the 'same old thing'. Vote for the typical lying 'soundbite-focused' clowns, or the latest 'seemingly fresh' 'cult of personality' candidates. We've seen what they do, in both parties, once in office. If, however, you like the idea of liking living in America, of gaining back your middle class status — able to pursue your dreams again...if you want young people to have gloriously FAT Social Security checks because their contributions are finally exposed (cautiously and judiciously) to the compound interest-bearing marketplace — like a 401k or traditional pension (a MODERNIZED retooling of the way Social Security works, vetted by THE world's renowned Social Security EXPERT, economist Laurence Kotlikoff) — then get to know Steve Laffey's FIXES for what genuinely ails America, and do everything you can to get him onto a debate stage. He is the only one telling the truth. He is the only one who even fully realizes what the truth is. He is the only one with REAL FIXES. (He made the movie 'Fixing America 'to tell you about this catastrophe in the making, years ago.) It is NOT "...morning in America"; it is "...a few minutes before sunset." stevelaffey.com/media

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