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This great Republic has many serious problems, some going back decades. We desperately need a president who is willing to work hard and who has the knowledge and willpower to fix them. We don't need a president who spends more time flying to his beach house (at taxpayer expense) than he does on the job. We don't need a president who spends hours on a golf course while telling us how great he is.

We need Steve "The Hammer" Laffey to lead this country and confront its problems.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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Go Laffey youngins! America is in a situation where our young people will have worse lives than their parents had. This is a new situation, and unacceptable. It's not supposed to be like that. Parents are supposed to set up the young to have better lives than they had. But my Baby Boom generation failed today's youth. We allowed elected officials to dip into your retirement fund (Social Security). We went 'all in' on costly wars (some of which were not necessary), we allowed tax cuts to the wealthiest and a botched-at-best pandemic response. All of these things ran up super massive crushing debt that you are left to deal with. We acted as helicopter parents and didn't want you to experience the hardships of life that we had experienced, so WE BOOMERS created the storied 'participation trophy' mentality. That's our fault. We weakened the country and made its people less able to deal with adversity. So, as I see it, WE OWE YOU. We owe you better schools, massive debt reduction, and a comfortable retirement. Now, if Social Security was truly fixed, and if schools weren't so concerned about offending anyone and refocused on subject mastery and discipline; and if we did what we could to pay off this crushing debt, then I would feel pretty good about the Boomer generation having fixed the problems it saddled you young folks with. Presidential candidate Steve Laffey has found the expert who knows how to fix Social Security in such a way that young people will have very significantly more money to pay bills and live comfortably in retirement. Boston University professor and renowned economist Laurence Kotlikoff has a plan that is, for a change, growth oriented. Your money doesn't just sit there and lose value with inflation that is rampant from the overprinting of money by our Federal Reserve. Big checks — big fat checks are what you'll get with this plan. Check it out on Steve Laffey's site or a more detailed breakdown on Larry Kotlikoff's site where he gives a good overview of what this 'Purple Plan' entails. It will cost you less from your paycheck than you're paying now, but will yield you significantly more retirement benefits. Kids in today's public schools understanding History at an abysmal 18% proficiency rate? Come on! We adults in the room need to take charge of this situation that we allowed to have happen. We owe that to you. Steve Laffey has figured out that giving parents a choice to let their kids go to any private school, possibly a charter school, a religious school, possibly a skill area-focused magnet school, or even with some elements of online learning taught by subject matter experts will do the trick. Steve's own children are high school aged, but in college, because they are AT THAT LEVEL. He has had them in many schools, both public and private and even did home based tutoring using Saxon course sets. He has seen, up close and personally, what works. It's nothing theoretical for him. The one truth revealed, above all else, is that our public schools have been failing for several decades now and are not fixable, so these other options are the fix. They have been demonstrated to provide student achievement that is top tier in many cases. So let his "let the parents decide" plan be the answer. With Laffey as president, now we will have young people who are well-educated by world standards. And that crushing debt? Enacting the Purple Plan for Social Security alone will retire Tens of Trillion of dollars from our accumulated National Debt as the current system is sunsetted, with 'future payment obligations' retired at the same time. So, with Steve Laffey as president we have better education, a fiscally solvent country that can grow and offer more opportunity and we can leave the young with a great retirement. And with Steve's plans on changing the Federal Reserve's mandate to focus on ZERO INFLATION, everyone's money will have real value the way it used to right after WW2. You'll be able to pay for things more easily. Life will feel easier . It is for these reasons that I support Steve Laffey. I know that he cares about our young people and about America's future and ability to plot its own destiny without encumbrances from militarily & economically ambitious, non-freedom-loving, hostile nations. Let's UNITE YOUNG AND OLD AND FIX AMERICA! Steve Laffey President 2024! stevelaffey.com/about fixingamericamovie.com

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