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Being overweight is a cause of cancer. What causes being overweight? It is not just eating too much. The problem is the junk people eat. They don't eat wholesome, nutritious food. Processed food (junk food) contains many unhealthy chemicals, along with ingredients that are genetically modified. Not only is the food unhealthy, making people sick, it is literally causing people to eat more because it is not filling or nutritious. By the way, where is the FDA? It is bought by big agriculture, food producers, chemical manufacturers. Again, our government killing us. So, the food is causing obesity and causing cancer at the same time.

Now, the Israel slaughter. What's going on with Israeli intelligence? And Netanyahu, who I used to admire. The problem is the wealthy world bankers (BIS, et al) along with the Military-Industrial (Medical) Complex. War is good for the bankers. They make tons of money. To hell with the people, they don't matter and are dispensable. Netanyahu sold his people out to Pfizer. This is the same one world order (Great Reset) going on here and the rest of the world.

People had better wake up. They are literally killing us.

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