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Is This What a Debate Should Look Like? Or Did You Enjoy The One Fox Business Put on? All I Have Told You Would Happen--Is Happening Now.

The "Fat Lady" is about to sing both for me and this country. Are People Just Going To Keep Sitting on their Butts?

Maybe just compare the above discussion with, Hmmm, Say this clip here.

Tim Scott and Nikki Haley argue about curtains in GOP debate

Maybe quick comebacks are what make a good president. The media sure seems to think so. It is actually an executive job.

Christie calls Trump 'Donald Duck,' DeSantis knocks former president and other debate takeaways

Do you see that’s what is reported. In a celebrity culture, like the one we live in, remember it is not what you say, not how stupid it sounds, not how preposterous your idea is, it’s just how many times you get to say it, and how many times the media repeats it. Everyone seems to know this except me.

Notice the first minute where the news is that people just talk over each other and no one is to blame. Hear the announcer say, the at :44 into it, “The moderators tried, but there were times when they lost control...” Huh? Everyone knows that is not true. Everyone knows the moderators did not try. They liked it that way. The moderators liked providing clips of complete nonsense with relatively unimportant questions. They like the fight, they wished everyone had a knife and a spear and were called gladiators. If people were bleeding more people would watch. How do we know this?

All they had to do is turn off the mikes. Let me repeat. We live in the 21st century. It is a large room. Just have the mike on for only the person you are asking the question and PRESTO, the nonsense would stop. Do you think I just thought that up and I am the only one thinking it? But the tactic is to tell people to not interrupt each other and then leave the mikes on.

Anyway, did you notice Gov. Burgum does not engage in the complete nonsense. Maybe I am the only one who noticed.

At 1:00 here comes the Donald Duck comment…maybe the worst ever 26 seconds in any debate, in human history. I only wish it was a soliloquy. Hamlet Act 3, Scene one anyone. Christie should ponder this for himself. But I digress. (“To be or not to be” for the younger crowd who are in public schools and have no idea what I am talking about.)

At 3:07, Gov. Haley does say the correct thing about Mr. Ramaswamy, “We can’t trust you!”

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