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I would love to have a piece of homemade pie. But, before I come, I need to make sure my carry permit is good in CO. I don't travel anywhere without my self defense protection. America is too crazy now. There, I just added another problem for you. We need to be able to travel in every state with a gun as long as we're law abiding citizens. The Second Amendment says we have a right to keep and bear firearms without infringement. That means in every state.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the dollar is likely to collapse soon. The US Government and the Fed have destroyed the integrity of the dollar. When (not if) it collapses the middle class will cease to exist. Savings, stock holdings will all be worthless. This will make the Great Depression be like child's play.

I believe Steve Laffey has the solutions to prevent this. Obviously, the other candidates have no solutions or they would be talking about them. Support Steve Laffey or prepare to go down with the dollar.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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