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Newsmax has been a great platform for Steve by having him on multiple times already, but as is the case with virtually all news shows, face time for the guest is short. In this short Newsmax clip, Steve mentions discussions with economist Laurence Kotlikoff. There is the fantastic hour-long discussion between Laffey and Kotlikoff on Professor Kotlikoff’s substack and there is also a link to it on Stevelaffey.com (the link is: https://larrykotlikoff.substack.com/p/steve-laffey-is-running-for-president?utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web#details). Give it a listen if you haven’t already. The time allowed gives Steve the time to explain his positions on several key issues regarding what’s needed to close the fiscal gap. Although Kotlikoff is not a conservative, the commonality between he and Steve are the cold facts regarding the necessity to act NOW to close the fiscal gap, a gap far greater than our elected government representatives will admit, or worse yet, perhaps these government people don’t even know how bad it really is. As Professor Kotlikoff notes during the discussion, Social Security’s unfunded liability is measured by the CBO to be $61 trillion. Is yesterday’s debt agreement going to close this gap? Oh, wait, of course not; Social Security is untouchable. Is any politician going to stick their neck out to propose a solution to this? I can think of only one: Steve Laffey. Let’s go, let’s go right NOW! www.Stevelaffey.com

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Laffey WILL FIX Social Security ONCE AND FOR ALL! Congress will no longer "borrow" (i. e., 'steal') from a fund paid for directly by people's FICA taxes (that isn't even supposed to have anything at all to do with congress and their budgets) because, UNDER A * PRESIDENT LAFFEY * ADMINISTRATION, it will be turned into your own protected INDIVIDUAL INVESTMENT ACCOUNTS that will grow with the world economy, just like 401Ks. —> —> —> YOUNG PEOPLE ! — JUST IMAGINE ! — getting a check 3x, 4x, or even 5 times what has been promised to you! No longer will the outdated system need multiple active workers for every retiree receiving benefits. Right now you think you won't receive anything, but this plan that commenter Glenn Surabian has provided links to, assures that your earnings won't be destroyed by our ever-worsening wealth-destroying inflation, or by congress's unconscionable habit of putting their hands in YOUR "cookie jar". You get your own jar! It's growth-oriented for a change, with the magic of compound interest and reinvesting, creating your American Dream Retirement ! And, adopting this Laurence Kotlikoff (Mr. Social Security) plan has the huge added benefit to our nation of retiring TENS of TRILLIONS of DOLLARS of debt, because the 'future payment obligations' are 'taken off the books' as the modernized, equitable plan is adopted and phased in. This is because you have your own plan, and don't have any tie to any general fund from the outdated traditional Social Security plan that will be sunsetted with the Boomers. Now that's something you can say OKAAAAY !!! BOOMER to, because WE BOOMERS OWE THIS TO YOU ! WE (i. e. Congress) TOOK YOUR MONEY — WITH LAFFEY YOU WILL GET IT BACK ! AND *THEN SOME !* See Glenn Surabian's comment for more details! LAFFEY 2024! UNITING THE YOUNG AND OLD!

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In 1913, I believe, our government made two very big mistakes. First, in their greed for money, they socked the American citizen, with an income tax. Second, the government established the Federal Reserve, aka the Fed. This started a vicious cycle of spend, tax, spend, then borrow. Now we have tax, spend, borrow and print money. In 1971, Richard Nixon took the country off what was then a partial gold standard. The dollar then essentially became a debtor's instrument, essentially an IOU. Over the years, the government, or actually the government-industrial-military complex (that Eisenhower warned us about when he left office), has become more greedy. This greed caused unending wars, which the American taxpayer have paid for in wealth and often their lives. These practices have caused inflation and the ever decreasing value of our Monopoly money. The Founding Fathers warned us.

This debtor money system is now at its apex (especially with the spending of the last three administrations), and is now on the downside, heading towards collapse. We, because we will pay our government's debt, are on the verge of owing, 32,000,000,000,000 dollars (32 trillion).

Can we stop what looks like an inevitable collapse? Nobody knows. But, we need a President who understands what we must do. Steve "The Hammer" Laffey has the financial education and experience.

Go Steve Laffey!!!

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STEVE... WE NEED YOU!!!!!!! Thank you for your time and commitment to the American people. GOD be with you and your family. 🇺🇸❤💙

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