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When a country goes bankrupt as the US has done and the reckoning will happen within the next two years, this is what happens:

1 - HYPERINFLATION making it very difficult to afford housing and food (sound familiar?) This is caused by the gov't printing money to "pay" its debts. And increased money supply, according to economics causes, always, inflation.

2 - HIGH UNEMPLOYMENTfrom businesses closing down, resulting n POVERTY and SOCIAL UNREST

(like the Covid lockdowns on steroids!)

3 - ABJECT POVERTY due to the inability of the US to be able to afford its social safety net programs any more, leading to widespread poverty, malnutrition and lower quality of life -- think Venezuela!

4 - POLITICAL INSTABILITY comes when people's frustration with the government's inability to provide basic services and support results in PROTEST, RIOTS, and even VIOLENCE.

5 - NATIONAL SECURITY is eroded, as the inability for the US to afford maintaining its military commitments (of which there are many many!) leaves us vulnerable to external threats from all adversarial countries and individual bad actors and groups.

6 - THE VERY FUTURE OF THE COUNTRY! becomes at severe risk as we struggle to recover and rebuild, leading to LONG TERM economic and social challenges AND A LOSS OF CONFIDENCE IN THE US's INSTITUTIONS AND LEADERSHIP MAKING IT DIFFICULT TO ATTRACT INVESTMENT OR ESTABLISH STABILITY in governance structures.

Think of any failed states, such as Somalia, Greece, Venezuela, Argentina, Lebanon, Zimbabawe, etc.

RUNNING OUT OF MONEY, as the US is doing right NOW will have severe consequences for our country and for Americans and the world at large. It is therefore, ESSENTIAL to establish STABLE ECONOMIC POLICIES & RESPONSIBLE FISCAL MANAGEMENT to avoid this impending CATASTROPHE.

No hyperbole here. This is REAL, and it is happening RIGHT NOW!

STEVE LAFFEY is the one person I am aware of who has the WILL, the KNOWLEDGE, the REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE, the FOCUSED DISCIPLINE and the PROVEN TRACK RECORD of fixing such insolvency, mismanagement, corruption, and structural failures as we have now.

He's got my vote and I'm not even a Republican.


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