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Ah, yes. This is like a shot of adrenaline. All kidding aside, I am happy you are enjoying some beautiful scenery with your lovely wife. I am not knowledgeable about Albania, but, as a Jew, I am acutely aware of our history going back several thousand of years. I should feel safe in two countries, Israel and the United States. Today, I feel safe in neither. I am incredulous that the citizens of this country have allowed it to descend into its present state. We have nobody to blame except ourselves. The out of control government is our fault. We are responsible for the horrendous financial condition we are in. Our education system is beyond repair. We are a country of users, instead of being a country of innovation and excellent products. Hate and intolerance rule, instead of love and reasonable debate. We elect stupid, selfish people who chose not to lead, but to rule. I know you get it. In about 250 years we have taken a new Republic with great hope to a dying civilization with little hope. Still, the people are asleep (although too many call it woke) and the nation crumples at an ever increasing rate of speed. What can we do to make everybody wake up, to get their heads out of the sand? We have very little time left.

Steve, sorry to put a downer on your vacation time. Enjoy while you can.

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Free countries are the only ones worth living in!

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