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Agreed. Thank you for pointing this out.

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Engaged parents and a stable family are the cornerstone on which effective education is built. The destruction of the two parent home is the quicksand on which current efforts at education are built.

This creates problems of discipline and focus for students.

I think the Education Secretary may be referring to the woke agenda not being appreciated by many in congress, such as CRT, the 1619 Project, gender 'fluidity' and the "normalization" of the sexualization of children. I think that's what he means when he cries 'censorship' and 'not teaching history'. Just a theory — that he's hiding what he's really talking about — by using euphemistic language that everyone can get behind. This is what people do when they know that their ideas are repugnant and indefensible.

But something that is not a theory — that is a bona fide FACT is that our public schools have an abysmal record of producing learned students who are prepared to engage in civic life productively and who can debate and engage to solve the issues of today, using their well-developed critical thinking skills.

The deficits that American children have in attained learning in reading, math, history, civics, and every other subject that is not "how many Kardashians are there, and can you name them?" or "how do you perform the most antisocial acts in Grand Theft Auto?" are myriad.

Our schools are BROKEN and have been for DECADES. GIVE OTHER EDUCATORS A CHANCE — private schools, charter schools, magnet schools, online learning from subject matter experts.

Check out Success Academy as just one example of what POSITIVE OUTCOMES can be had. Parents in all kinds of neighborhoods want this, especially poor neighborhoods. Let's get our government's failed experiment to end, and be replaced by systems that are more DISCIPLINED and more focused on the basics, rather than on chaotic, counterproductive political agendas.

Here are a few links showing their success:




This is just one example, but IT SHOWS WHAT IS POSSIBLE with engaged parents, a stable family, disciplined, focused learning, and keeping those with political agendas THE FRENCH TOAST OUT OF OUR CHILDREN'S CLASSROOMS.

Do we really want to cede world leadership to other (not-so-freedom-loving) countries, and then live in that world? — because that's what happens (and IS happening right now) if this problem isn't fixed now.

Presidential candidate Steve Laffey has been talking about this needed fix for a LONG LONG time. I have finally caught up to his prescience on this critical matter.

Steve Laffey will definitely make sure that this is fixed if he is elected president. He is an engaged, loving family man who has had his share of experiences with seeing the effects of various educational methods on the lives of his children. He knows what he's talking about on this issue in a BIG WAY. His kids are at college level when they are still in high school. The proof is in the pudding.

He can't be bullshitted on this critically important issue as the current Secretary of Education is attempting to do with his disingenuous subterfuge of a speech.

LAFFEY 2024! stevelaffey.com The 'About' page gets you up to speed on this wholesome provider of the solutions we need, if you don't already know the man.

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