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Financial Catastrophe Will Be America's Undoing — It's Happening NOW! Thank God we have a financial expert running for president this time. The 'Man for This Moment' — Steve Laffey. We must VOTE HIM ONTO THAT DEBATE STAGE. He will mop up the floor with the other candidates, since they have no real plans or genuine track record of fixing any intractable government problems. Steve Laffey has the sense of urgency, the proper focus, and the dogged determination for these times. If we put him on that debate stage, he will get the nomination, and then the rest will be history. This will go down in history as the era when America finally decided it wanted to stay the leader of the free world — taking back control of its destiny. LAFFEY 2024 !!! fixingamericamovie.com/about stevelaffey.com

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