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America is at a Crisis Point where we absolutely need to FINALLY confront our very large intractable problems Very Directly — and doing so in an effective way, by putting the right people (experts, such as economist and world renowned Social Security expert Laurence Kotlikoff) in the position to Fix America and RESTORE our hard-working Middle Class by REESTABLISHING the Dollar as a stable and VALUABLE currency, REVITALIZING Social Security for the Young, and REDOUBLING our military and economic efforts for our National Security, finally RECLAIMING THE AMERICAN DREAM for all! Steve Laffey as president has the plans for how to FIX AMERICA, issue by issue, on his site. He has the track record for tackling seemingly unfixable government problems, and the background to know how to fix outsized financial problems, specifically. Get to know him, and tell the RNC to put him on that debate stage! stevelaffey.com/about LAFFEY 2024! RESTORE THE MIDDLE CLASS; REVITALIZE AMERICA!; RECLAIM OUR PLACE IN THE WORLD!

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Steve Laffey says important things simply. The right people + the right solutions + right time = fixing our problems and bringing back the middle class. Steve has the knowledge, the ambition and love of our country to get things done. The other candidates say nothing. We have problems, but the others don't offer any solutions. Steve "The Hammer" Laffey knows how. This is the only time we have to fix, no, save, our country.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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