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Steve Laffey speaks what most of America thinks and would think if we spend the time to think. Take 5 minutes on one of the subjects he brought up and see if you agree.

Even if you don’t, that time we spend thinking is our responsibility as Americans to defend our right to think for and speak for ourselves.

So thank you for your efforts Steve, and all ye who take the time to think for themselves and share with us all.

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Everyday Americans feel very disconnected from the out of touch political class, who don't do the frikkin' job we put them in there to do! What job is that? Balance the budget. Pay down the debt. Repair and Revitalize Social Security for our young. Meet China's burgeoning threats to American economic and military hegemony, to keep us safe. Bring the manufacture of critical products such as pharmaceuticals and computer chips (etc.) back to the Americas. How can our voices be heard over the many millions in 'influence money' from George Soros on the left, the Koch brothers on the right, and the large pharmaceutical industry and other monied special interests that "donate" to both sides of the aisle?? Here's how: VOTE STEVE LAFFEY ONTO THAT DEBATE STAGE so his policy solutions win him the nomination, and then the 2024 election. There IS a FINANCIAL CRISIS RIGHT NOW. America's problems are too big to ignore one minute longer. Put a man who HEARS YOU into the White House, so REAL CHANGE can happen. Let the man who was *made for this moment* show us what can be done when the executive branch hasn't been bought and sold by the special interests. Steve Laffey is a grassroots candidate running without the support or influence of these elite$. stevelaffey.com fixingamericamovie.com

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