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Great interview on Newsmax. Everyone else skirts the issues. We want policy answers and you have them. So many problems to tackle and I know you can do more than any other candidate. Keep fighting for USA Steve and GOD be with you. Love to you and the family.

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Check out the great WMNH radio interview in Manchester, New Hampshire with our presidential favorite Steve, where the host's father calls in and changes his vote from Trump to Laffey because he hears so many good ideas that really resonate! Very informative and expansive, with the typical jocular Laffey banter:


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It's easy to pay attention to Steve Laffey's message when the message is ON POINT! We need to ensure that our young people have a future they can enjoy and be comfortable with. We older folks owe that to them. Fixing America's debt problem once and for all; fixing Social Security with Larry Kotlikoff's Purple Plan that is growth oriented, and solvent for a change; and being the responsible adults that ensure that today's children have the same good educations or better than we had, back when public schools were more focused and disciplined is what's happenin'. We got the message PRESIDENT, BRO! STEVE LAFFEY 2024 ! Get him on that debate stage! Pick the most compelling and honest candidate for the nomination! Then send this honest 'man on a mission' to Washington, D. C. Our young people deserve this. America needs this ! THANK YOU! stevelaffey.com fixingamericamovie.com

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