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I got your Pink Floyd theme, and *went with it*. Godspeed! LAFFEY 2024 !

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"The time is gone...the song is over!..." We THOUGHT our U. S. government HAD MORE TO SAY! about keeping Social Security SOLVENT and STABLE for FUTURE GENERATIONS. But they DIDN'T. And they DON'T. And neither do any candidates running for president. EXCEPT FOR ONE: STEVE LAFFEY. He has consulted with the world's foremost authority on Social Security. The respected, erudite economist who lives and breaths Social Security, Laurence Kotlikoff. This is the economist, columnist and author who wrote the best selling book "Get What's Yours: The Revised Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security", "Pensions and the American Economy", and "Money Magic: An Economist's Secrets to More Money, Less Risk, and a Better Life". This man is 'Mr. Save Social Security'. He has devised a plan that will weather the storm of partisan politics over time. By that, I mean that his plan that fixes SS has features that appeal to both Republicans and to Democrats. It has enough Red and enough Blue features to be accepted by congressmembers of both parties, generation after generation. It is well-thought out. STEVE LAFFEY HAS A KNACK FOR, AND TRACK RECORD OF PICKING EXPERTS TO SOLVE INTRACTABLE ISSUES, particularly when they reach the CRISIS STAGE. Laurence Kotlikoff's PURPLE PLAN (red mixed with blue is purple) is THE FIX. And Steve Laffey is the only person who has analyzed what truly underlies America's most serious, CONSEQUENTIAL, and ongoing structural problems that are COMING TO A HEAD RIGHT NOW. He has FIXES! He even made a prescient movie about America's "two systems" -- the uncaring, incompetent, bribe-taking elites, and the rest of us everyday Americans working on our American Dream or just trying to scrape by, following all the rules we were taught. Steve Laffey WILL FIX Social Security with Larry Kotlikoff's Purple Plan. He will do so in a fashion that keeps the fund solvent in perpetuity, with the added benefit of the fund GAINING VALUE (unlike the current system that devalues your retirement money with every single year that we experience inflation -- in other words, every year!) Steve Laffey will FIX SOCIAL SECURITY STRUCTURALLY (a wholesale overhaul), MAKING IT STRONGER, and ENSURING BIGGER CHECKS FOR THE YOUNG. Get to know MR. FIXING AMERICA, Steve Laffey, and his plan to use LK's Purple Plan to truly FIX SOCIAL SECURITY. The time is over! as Pink Floyd has said! stevelaffey.com fixingamericamovie.com https://kotlikoff.net/

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