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Feb 26, 2023·edited Feb 26, 2023Liked by Steve Laffey

Too Much Money in the economy = inflation = more dollars chasing after the same goods and services = Econ 101 = Hello People!!! Wake Up! Even I know that, and I went to art school ! (Well, I used to be a business major briefly and even tutored people a little in Economics [not well].) These modern interpretations of how to analyze the economy may work in certain very precise, debt-laden circumstances, but 'going back to the basics' yields the most reliable information about what's happening and what will happen. Listen to people in the know -- not the same old flaccid prognosticators! Steve Laffey is a man for our time. A person who tells it like it is, and who therefore can actually put us on the path to restoring solvency, and the American Dream, and most importantly, the future for today's younger people, who deserve the truth, and solutions to the debt burden left to them by our older generations. I always vote for the Democrat for president, but this time, I will cross the aisle to support Common Sense. The need is dire. The need is RIGHT NOW.

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