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Here we go again. The RNC-Fox Personality Contest 2.0. How many of the candidates will take swings against Beijing Biden? How many candidates will offer solutions to America's problems? Who is going to take a poke at King Donald, who will not lower himself to appear in the contest?

How about some of these candidates debating Steve Laffey? That's not likely to happen because they don't want to be embarrassed by an "unknown" candidate who has fixes for the country

The ship of state is sinking and Steve Laffey has the life preservers. Now is the time to right the ship.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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We need plain-spoken folks in the debates who can, and will talk about the real underlying issues facing America, such as a broke Social Security fund, and a broke country — people who have *SUCCESSFULLY* managed large institutions, such as a municipality or a state (or country). Steve Laffey is such a person. No one else currently being invited to the (softball, fake questions) debates has this track record, or even knowledge. I'm sure we all can agree that today's America has 'infotainment' that has replaced actual journalism. I want to see REAL (relevant) QUESTIONS around the subject of how to solve America's long term problems, and I want to see at least one person on the debate stage who has the REAL SOLUTIONS (and proven track record) of solving government malfeasance-created problems — the very problems that our congress has saddled us with. The time to fix America's bankruptcy problem is right now. Agitate to get Steve Laffey onto a debate stage so we can see America's best chance of being saved from our Financial Calamity Crisis. You think you're getting a real Social Security check with our current "system" — hah! No Sir! No Ma'am. I want to see a person who genuinely wants to FIX AMERICA, and who has the concrete, SPECIFIC PLANS to do so. stevelaffey.com/about

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