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America has lost its way. We, as a country, are out of money and have lost the ability to pay our ongoing debts such as the 1 trillion dollar 'interest only' payment on this National Debt (OUR debt, not the government's, for, we pay it). This is the kind of stuff that happens just before a once great empire falls to its rival nation states. (And our rival states are not freedom loving nations. The world will be very authoritarian and jaw droppingly oppressive if America is no longer its economic/military/free society-promoting leader.) Our government, through the Federal Reserve's decisions, over decades, to flood our economy with printed-up, not-inherently-valuable dollars, has devalued the once mighty dollar through this intentional dilution of value. The net effect of these fiat money dilutions is that everyday Americans' dreams are crushed. Steve Laffey wants to restore all of the lost value by reigning in The Fed, mandating it to keep inflation at zero. He wants to use monetary policy techniques to Restore the Middle Class. He wants to Revitalize and Modernize Social Security so that it becomes a fund that is at least as reliable as your 401k at creating real, compound interest-type VALUE. Big checks for young people! In Retooling Social Security, he will also retire tens of trillions of America's debt that has helped us to be on the precipice of a Fall of Rome scenario. Think of Greece, for a modern example. Steve Laffey is the only candidate who has the long view, BIG PICTURE perspective on how to save Americans from destitution and loss of our freedoms and dreams. Everyone else is kicking the can down the road. But the road had ENDED. There is nowhere left to kick that can. It's cod liver oil time. Taking the 'good for you' medicine that will make you better. Steve Laffey has a track record of facing reality as it is, and then solving the long term problems through bold, necessary action that others wouldn't have the intestinal fortitude to try, or even suggest. Americans have run out of time to achieve their American Dream because of continual government malfeasance and over-promising. We NEED a focused, resolute leader who will take us in the only direction that will save America. He turned around a city that had also become bankrupt and restored its pension to 500% of the value it had when he took office. He can do the same for America, so that we can, once again have a real Middle Class with real purchasing power, and the power to fuel our dreams — all while staving off encroaching totalitarianism, worldwide, through our newfound strength. Get to know the only serious candidate (who could use an iron or maybe one of those mini hotel steamers). Yes, he's a real person. He has wrinkled shirts sometimes. He has been in New Hampshire for months talking to everyday Americans like you and me. He is now doing the same in Iowa. He gets up at 5 in the morning and goes like the Energiizer bunny 'til he breaks through. I want a very hard working, very focused person who has expert level understanding of how economies work and who has the proven track record of restoring dilapidated entities to glorious wholeness. America needs this RIGHT NOW because we've finally reached the END OF THE ROAD. To find out more about 'Mr. Fixing America' and his well-thought out solutions to America's EXTREMELY PRESSING problems, visit stevelaffey.com/about We need a serious person to solve our very serious problems — not the 'same ole - same ole' clowns that had appeared recently on the national debate stage. Get to know Steve Laffey — the man, and his solutions and proven track record. Not just a talker — he's a doer.

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We should not and cannot depend on the Federal Reserve to fix our financial problems-- all they do, and have done throughout their history, is create problems. The Fed is not a government organization. It is a private organization, run by international (extremely wealthy) bankers, whose interests do not align with the interests of the American people. The Fed rules over a debt system, where the debtors are US taxpayers. The Fed does not need to be reformed-- the Fed needs to be abolished.

Meanwhile, on a whole, the entire field of "Republican" candidates are out of touch from reality, disconnected from the average American voter. They do not have the capacity to understand the scope of problems this country is inflicted with. If they do not understand these massive problems, how can we expect them to fix them?

The only candidate with an understanding of these problems, and the ability to fix them, is Steve Laffey. Steve needs our support and help spreading the word of his candidacy. As Mr. Bogarte points out, we are at the end of the road, with no where to go (except off the cliff of financial doom).

Steve Laffey promises to keep on hammering away. Steve Laffey is a man of his word.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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Washington is in business to enrich itself not serve the people who pay the bills. Praying for God to intervene. “Let’s Gooooo!” (Think bullhorn)

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