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You didn't fail and you shouldn't feel as though you did. The only failure is giving up, which you have not done. You made the correct choice since you knew that this particular effort wasn't shaping up the way you'd hoped. You did not want to continue to take money from supporters when you knew at this point you'd not be able to deliver what was expected. There's no failure in that. On the contrary, it is an honorable decision. Failure is what many politicians have done for the citizenry of these great United States. Failure is our stratospheric debt. Failure is the destruction of the middle class. Failure is our border non-policy. Failure was the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Failure is the rising crime of our major cities. I could go on. You reached plenty of people; maybe you've laid the groundwork to give you a consistent platform to share your visions, e.g., put yourself on the radar of popular media like Newsmax. One thing's for sure - you didn't fail.

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For a big portion of your life, you've gone against tremendous odds, Steve. You're a winner because you've come out on top so many times that you've been faced with those odds.

It seems as if American politics is a ruthless bloodsport that requires approximately, a billion dollars to get out ahead of the pack. I think that it's safe to say, the D.C. Swamp is extremely deep, large and chock full of creatures who have no intention of giving up their power over the masses. The Mainstream Media is no different.

You're still young enough and I believe you have plenty of gas in the tank.... and have the intellect to accomplish great things even in that lousy environment.

Your message is real and it's solid and there's nothing phony about any part of your life.

You need the backing of a billionaire or two who expect nothing back except the kind of leadership and governance that you're already proven to possess!

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One can attempt to bail out a sinking ship for so long. The strength of the incoming tide is strong. Steve, you have failed only in the sense of not being able to awaken a sleeping America. Millions of Americans are anxiously awaiting their next dose of the latest bioweapon concocted by our government and Big Pharma. They are asleep, unaware that these drugs have not helped (they have, on the contrary, caused harm and death). If the citizens cannot be awakened by their own health, how in heaven's name could you have possibly done so in the realm of politics and the state of the country?

As for the Republican party, you know the one that supposedly espouses less government and fewer taxes, it has been a lost cause for decades. It is part and parcel a self-defeating party, an integral part of the Uni-party and deep swamp. It has been ruled by self-serving authoritarians for the benefit of the almighty corporations that lobby and fill their pockets.

As with most of the American dream, we have been deluded by the meaningless slogans and false platforms. The Republican party, and the candidates it endorses, exist solely for the purposes of power, control and money. They have little to no concern about this great republic or its patriotic citizens.

It is virtually impossible to work within the system when the system is wholly corrupt and broken. The political body, including the Republican party, is evil and must be discarded, then replaced.

Given the condition of the country, which is morally, ethically and financially broke, I hold out little optimism for its resurrection. The Founding Fathers understood that at a certain point the government (and its political parties) must be thrown out and replaced. We are at that point in time. We can only hope that there exists sufficient numbers of patriots to accomplish this. The nation suffers from internal destruction, and likely future external invasion, which will result in collapse and failure. America's fate is obvious, except that enough patriots may turn things around.

Steve, the failure is not yours, but is the failure of the American people who have squandered their legacy.

Thank you for your patriotic selfless attempts to save this country. God Bless. Good luck, good health to you and your family.

(You might consider continuing to use this Substack for educating and speaking out.)

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I am heart broken. I was so hopeful that people would be open to hear a clear message and warning from your campaign. We have been in a stupor for so long. I agree with you about the Republican party. We have been in serious study in Isaiah and now Jeremiah and we are repeating the same thing they did. It is hideous. You fought hard and I hope that it has stirred up some hearts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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