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Chicken Little yelled "the sky is falling". Did anybody listen? Steve Laffey has been yelling that the United States is falling (into bankruptcy). Why haven't the citizens been listening? Steve Laffey is no Chicken Little. He is a financial expert. He is a true Patriot. Won't you help Steve stop the financial collapse of America.

Consumer credit card debt has hit a milestone. ONE TRILLION $$$!! One trillion dollars, very soon the interest payment on the US debt (actually our debt). Can we afford to pay out 2 trillion dollars? How did we get here? First, we weren't paying attention. Second, our elected officials have been on a spending spree. Third, the Fed has been encouraging this crazy spending and enabling by printing trillions of unbacked Federal Notes, aka US dollars. The money cabal is becoming wealthier and the country and its taxpayers are becoming broke, enslaved by trillions of dollars we cannot repay. This scheme to collapse then takeover the US must be stopped. NOW.

Time is running out

Support Steve Laffey for President.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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Long-shot Laffey is our ONLY shot. The WSJ article, decades too late, finally tells the story of our nation’s greatest woes that Steve Laffey has been warning about. The Laffey campaign is the only one that addresses these serious financial problems, and understands the serious threat to American liberty. Laffey has a bold plan. Some may not like it, but it will work. Laffey’s solutions will fix social security, reform the tax code, put parents in charge of their children’s education, stop trading with Communist China, inspire Americans to live healthier lives, bring back “Made in USA”, restore the middle class and, by focusing on the issues affecting every American, unite the country!

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Listen to Laffey — he is the only one who has been talking about this 'end of an empire' Calamity — with clarity and with well-researched information — for YEARS. Put the 'Man with A Plan' in charge of America clawing her way back to an ensured continued existence. While we are well on the way of "going the way of Rome" (the fall of that once seemingly invincible empire) our fall will be straight to hell. Hyperbole? NO !! Today there are two forces that mean 'hell on earth' is awaiting us if we don't RIGHT THIS SHIP RIGHT NOW! #1) China is enacting its plan to become the world's sole superpower and will control the world in an extremely oppressive, authoritarian way where you have no rights, freedoms or privacy. With America finally irreparably insolvent this WILL HAPPEN; #2) The globalists such as Klaus 'Real World Dr. Evil' Schwab and the WEF (World Economic Forum) are well on the way to doing nearly the exact same thing that China is doing — no more property rights, no more right to grow or eat the food you want, no more privacy, no more freedom to travel as you want, becoming a controlled slave to a social credit system TIED TO YOU R BANK ACCOUNT! There are members of the U.S. who have already been de-banked because they told the truth about the lack of proven vaccine safety for recent vaccines/gene therapies, for example. These are not theories or conspiracies, This IS what is happening RIGHT NOW!!! If you like having any measure of freedom and a life that is not controlled by evil totalitarian authoritarians, then GET LAFFEY TO THE WHITE HOUSE ! No joke! stevelaffey.com/

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