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What an amazing appearance on NewMax. The hosts are surprised when asking Steve Laffey, how are you going to do this, that he answers with specific solutions to problems. Are you getting that from any of the other candidates? They can only speak in generalities, because they do not understand America's problems and are not knowledgeable enough to offer real solutions. Do we want America's ills cured or do we want them kicked down the road again? My warning-- we are almost at the end of that road and are running out of options. The choice is ours whether we fix America or watch it collapse. I'm supporting Steve Laffey because he is a fixer. Steve will fix the economy and restore the middle class.

Go Steve Laffey!!

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America has run out of money and Steve Laffey is the only one paying attention. If you ran out of money, what would you do? You'd get a job doing just about anything, right away, because you'd have bills to pay. You'd stop spending money on all non-essentials. You'd realize that you are going to lose control over your life when you get dragged by the sheriff from your home that you can't pay for. America is in this situation. Finally, we cannot even pay the INTEREST ON OUR DEBT — the proverbial point of no return. Americans, take a serious look at Steve Laffey's financial background, his track record of Fixing the overspending of government to bring his city back to solvency. This is America's precise problem, but rather than a city being taken over by its State, America will be taken over by the monied totalitarian interests in the World such as brutal, authoritarian, totalitarian China; and the World Economic Forum and it "cousin organizations" that are attempting to supersede national sovereignty. These people want us all to be unable to own property, to make much money, to be able to grow or raise (ranch) our own food — they want to control us with a social credit system where our money can be stolen (de-banking) by these "authorities" if we behave in a manner they don't like, such as, for example, making our own health decisions. One candidate can and will set us back on the track to normalcy — back to belief that we can experience the American Dream — that we can have a fine and lovely Middle Class life or better — that our dollars can have value at the supermarket once again — that America, as a concept and reality can still exist. Because right now it's on the precipice of death. For Real. Get to know Steve Laffey and his Real Understanding and Real Solutions to America's Dire Problems that Need FIXING NOW. stevelaffey.com

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“It's okay to lie if someone else lied, I guess. I'm not going to do that”.

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