Bravo for raising this issue Steve ....it is a HUGE issue and I hope you hammer it daily -- no other candidate will because all the rest of them of "of" the Beltway. And the Beltway protects its own.

Corruption and self-aggrandizing/special interest parasitic theft have brought this country to the brink of destruction. You will only gain by talking about it and emphasizing it. It's not a "3rd rail" like all the gutless career politicians claim it is -- the American people are hungering for someone to represent them on this. TRILLIONS of dollars have vanished due to Corruption. ....when will someone stand up and fight for the Forgotten Taxpayer?

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Feb 27, 2023·edited Feb 28, 2023

Enough is enough! Washington has been controlled by very well-heeled corporations and other very wealthy donors (some of whom are even foreign nationals whose interests do not align with the US's) and this tsunami of money -- this "green tide on K Street" has affected all of our national policies and the enforcement (or lack thereof) of what should be laws in the *public's interest*. When will we stop pretending that this endemic blight isn't the reason why we have the most expensive healthcare in the world, why the banks cheat us at every turn, why it's so hard to start a small business competing against large monied interests, why our rail system is in a gravely dangerous state of disrepair, why housing costs are so high, why the property of ranchers and farmers is being usurped, why we're being influenced to consume fake processed junk food they are calling "meat", and why regular folks just can't seem to realize their American Dream? Stop the Corruption Now, 'cuz we're well on the way of "going the way of Rome". Steve Laffey is the one guy who will apply his relentless disciplined focus and experience knowing how to talk to people so that they become disarmed, and aggressive action when this is not possible, to expose and then root out this evil. Take a look into his history as a mayor to get a sense of how he takes the bull by the horns to improve the lives of citizens, restoring their good life. He makes bold, even unprecedented moves to solve problems, regardless of the dust kicked up in the ensuing fight-for-your-rights melee. I'm switching sides of the aisle to support this man, because he's the best person for the job -- and there are no genuine, truly effectual competitors.

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