Laffey On With Lakey "The Country is in Real Bad Shape." Laffey Has Complete Plan for Iran.

Aimless, feeble, good-for-nothing leaders show America's weakness and our refusal to directly confront our problems: Iran since 1980. Jimmy Lakey exposes them on his great show today!

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"Biden says he has decided how to respond to attack in Jordan."

Is this how the leader of the Free World acts?

I misquote Jackson Browne at the is the real quote from the song, “These Days.”

“These days I'll sit on corner stones
And count the time in quarter tones to ten, my friend
Don't confront me with my failures
I had not forgotten them…”

We start with the Fed…another institution that cannot directly confront our problems.

Then the border…again, not confronting our problems.

A country that waits…loses.

"It’s a feckless run country, feckless leaders, you might as well have Rock Bottom do it or someone from a cartoon…”

You can also listen here.

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