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Laffey on America--It's Not a Pretty Show.

From Congressmen leaving office inappropriately to the budget to the election that "No one wants" but everyone actually wants to a budget from hell etc... Laffey is on fire. Get off your butts.

Do you actually believe it's an election that nobody wants? I don't. What are the qualifications to be present of the United States? It looks like you simply need high name recognition, either from a relative like a father or an uncle, or you have a TV show where you fire people, and if you're Robert Kennedy Junior and you're totally unqualified the best thing to do is pick people even more unqualified than yourself.

Almost time to bring back the gladiators? With this deficit and the interest on the debt officially not payable with the taxes we collect—we are almost there.

Let's go

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Want a normal family in the White House? I guess not.

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Steve Laffey's Substack--on the campaign trail
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