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Laffey, Lakey on "Affordable Housing", Marijuana, and Haiti.

Jimmy is a great host! "Where are the Parents?"

Laffey discusses one of America’s strengths—mobility— and how it has been deformed so badly by the Government.

4:40 we turn to Marijuana, “Pot”, and my thoughts. They aren’t positive.

I bring up the definitive book on Pot, “Tell Your Children.”

(Everyone should read!) and the new study out of the Journal of the American Heart Association, with conclusions that, “Even One Joint per Week Enough to Boost Heart Disease Risk”

6:20—Sticking your head over a smokestack, probably not good!”

7:11. So, Add Pot in with getting tattoos all over your body,…putting ink in your body seems to be really bad for you…(Causing acute renal failure!) and obesity, really bad for you.”

8:00 We move to Haiti, although just figuratively as no one is moving literally to Haiti. Even more depressing.

“Why aren’t we sending in the Marines?”

“If not Haiti, where?”

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Nearly 30 years ago I met this wonderful lady…

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